How to Choose a University

Going to Estudiar la universidad is a huge decision. It influences your future career path, and your health, wealth and well-being.

Consequently, picking the best university is vital. Attending a university that is the best fit for you can make a huge difference - in terms of career development, job opportunities, and general levels of happiness.

So how do you pick which university to attend?

Talk to university students

One of the top ways to work out whether a university will be a best fit for you is to discuss present and past students who have attended the university. Talking to present and past students will permit you to get an in-depth understanding of what it is like to be a student at the university.

Students will be capable of telling you about the standard of job prospects, education, facilities, and what the university social life is like. It is vital anyway when talking to university students, both present and past to get a big range of opinions, across different faculties, as students may have certain biases, or restricted experiences. For example, a university may not be powerful in a particular faculty, and if you only speak to one student who studies in this faculty, you will only get an incomplete picture of what the university is truly like.

Attend open days

Once you have got an idea of what a university is from a present and past university student perspective, you should attend the university open day yourself so you can also develop your own perspective of what it will feel like to study at the particular university.


Additionally, university open days are a remarkable way to check out the facilities. Ensure you check out the gymnasiums, libraries, labs and lecture halls. Keep an eye for the amount of computers that are offered, as not enough can be huge pain when you are studying at university. If you are contemplating moving out of your house and living on campus be sure to get a tour of the university colleges and student villages to see if they will match your needs.

Career development

Things you should research contain how the university can support you in your career development? Do they have links with industry? Do they have co-op programs, and provide internships alongside university study? What is the employment graduate rate for the university?
Beware of sales pitches
Finally, a note of warning. Often university open days can be deceiving as the university is making a concentrated effort to sell itself to you. Be alert of the claims the university might make.

-- Soumya Bhakta - 2020-07-31


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